Dinos Swim Program

Dinos is a participation-based program and is a great introduction to water, or a continuation from Ducklings. Parents and toddlers learn to relax and enjoy the water together while developing basic skills through activities, songs and games.

This class may be repeated multiple times until children are ready for the Dolphins program.

1. What do Dinos learn?

    • More emphasis is placed on independent water play, but with the comforting presence of a parent.
    • Children and parents learn to relax and enjoy the water together through songs and games
    • Basic fundamentals of swimming are introduced: breath control, introduction to submersion, floats, glides, and kicks

2. What do parents learn?

    • Signs and symptoms of hypothermia and choking.
    • Water Safety and parental responsibilities in and around all forms of water.
    • Comfortable and safe movement through the water with your baby through games, water fun and play.
    • How to transition from full parented support to more independent play and learning.

3. Are Dinos evaluated?

    • No. The Dinos classes are participatory classes and there is no ‘criteria’ to evaluate.
    • Your baby will receive a certificate of participation and a fun sticker.
    • Swimmers are continuously rewarded for their achievements

4. What is the next step?

    • The Dinos class is designed for children 1-3 years old with a parent
    • Children and their parents can participate in the Dinos program numerous times between the ages of one and three and learn something new every time
    • Once toddlers turn three, they move to the un-parented Dolphins program (3 to 5 years).

5. How can parents encourage children?

    • Practice games and songs during bath time
    • Go to the pool with your family often
    • Practice blowing bubbles, pouring water on themselves, floats, glides, and kicking (both assisted and unassisted).
    • Talk about water safety in the tub and at the pool.
    • Let your child decide when he’s had enough and it’s time to get out

6. Tips for a successful class:

    • Buy swimming diapers with plastic pants/covers to keep little ones comfortable and to avoid pool messes!
    • Avoid scheduling lesson times close to nap times or periods when your child is fussy.
    • Bring your child’s favorite bath toy or doll to the pool.
    • Recognize when your baby has had enough (cold: blue lips/clinging to you, or is fussy).
    • Enjoy yourself! Toddlers will pick up on your cues and if you are having fun, they will want to have fun too!

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