The Dolphins levels are preparatory programs prior to entering Stage 1 Advanced or Beginner Stage 2. Participants get a head start on the four main strokes in the Dolphins levels; Freestyle, Back Crawl, Breast Stroke and Butterfly.

Dolphins 1

Children become comfortable with their first independent water experiences. Fundamental movement skills are introduced.

Dolphins 2

Dolphin 2 is for children who are comfortable being independent in the water. Preschoolers are introduced to front and back paddle and various deep water skills.

Dolphins 3

Children develop the basic skills for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Super Dolphins

Children are challenged to develop skills at the Stage 2 level to prepare them to transition into the Stage 2 class.

H20 Aware Education

H20 Aware water safety skills and messages are incorporated through preschool games and activities that will teach little ones the basics of being safe in and around water while being sure that they are always within arms-reach of a parent or guardian.

How are Dolphins evaluated?

I Can Swim’s programs are not designed to be pass or fail but rather a continuous journey of progressions that ensure a child is constantly improving at their own personal developmental pace. Dolphins participants are continually evaluated and can achieve skills within the next Dolphins level so they are never ‘locked’ into one level.

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