Ducklings swim program

This parent-and-baby class introduces babies to the water. The primary goal is to ensure that parents are educated in water safety, appropriate holds and that both children and parents are safe, relaxed and having fun!

This class may be repeated as often as you like until your child is ready for Dinos.

1. What do Ducklings learn?

    • Babies participate in the class through songs, games and parent interaction.
    • This may be your baby’s first experience in a pool setting. Smile and stay relaxed!
    • Babies become accustomed to the pool environment which is often busy, noisy and wet!

2. What do parents learn?

    • To recognize the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and choking.
    • Water Safety and parental responsibilities in and around all forms of water.
    • Many parents are not comfortable in the water and can unintentionally transfer their nervousness to their baby. This class will teach parents to become relaxed themselves in the water while having fun with their baby.
    • Comfortable and safe movement through the water with baby through games, water fun and play.

3. Are Ducklings evaluated?

    • No. Ducklings classes are participatory classes.
    • Your baby will receive a certificate of participation and a fun sticker.

4. What is the next step?

    • You and your child can participate in the Ducklings class numerous times during the first year and discover something new every time.
    • Once your baby has his/her first birthday, they graduate to Dinos (1-3 years with parent).

5. How can parents encourage children?

    • Practice games and songs during bath time
    • Go to the pool with your family often
    • Enjoy the lessons with your child; laugh, smile and make it fun
    • Be understanding of the different levels of development. Not all kids love the water at first. Give them time to get used to it and leave the pool if they are uncomfortable or unhappy.

6. Tips for a successful class:

    • Buy swimming diapers with plastic pants/covers to keep little ones comfortable and to avoid pool messes!
    • Avoid scheduling lesson times close to nap times or periods when your child is fussy.
    • Bring your baby's favorite bath toy to the pool.
    • Recognize when your baby has had enough (cold: blue lips/clinging to you, or is fussy).