Why Choose I Can Swim?


I Can Swim is the most effective learn-to-swim program in Canada. Our program’s content, methods and skilled Teachers and Coaches ensure children learn to swim faster, learn more skills, and learns more rapidly than in any other program.

Children learn different skills at different rates. Unlike other program, I Can Swim focuses on each swimmer's unique needs and current developmental abilities. Rather than grouping skills into narrow bands and using a pass/fail approach, I Can Swim is designed to let children learn individual skills at their own pace with continual rewards and recognition.

Where more rigid formats can lead to swimmers becoming discouraged or bored, our flexible, and learner-centered approach means children are continuously motivated to improve their own individual performance.

The primary goal of I Can Swim is to develop excellent swimming skills and a true love of aquatic activities. Children who are challenged, have fun and enjoy success in the water are more likely to become life-long swimmers. Our mission is to promote positive, active, healthy lifestyles through programs that encourages participation, fun & success!

What makes I Can Swim different from other programs?

For Parents and Kids:

Ask parents how to improve swimming programs, and they will tell you they want more time spent in the water swimming while continuously improving their strokes. They want more self-esteem and confidence building. And they want to see their child’s overall fitness improve.

I Can Swim does all of this and more;

  • Fun and rewarding swimming experience based on a learner-centered, developmentally appropriate approach.
  • Early introduction of the four swimming strokes; getting kids to swim well right from the start.
  • Continuous improvement focusing on water safety, mastery and confidence in the pool and open water.
  • Constant advancement; kids don’t get stuck repeating already mastered skills.
  • Continuous recognition of achievements rather than a pass/fail approach.
  • More time spent in the water with less waiting around for their turn.

For Facilities and Swim Clubs:

  • Affordable, efficient teacher training with multiple training options.
  • Fast and easy implementation of our programs.
  • Choose one program or all programs. You can run any or all of our programs independently or as a compliment to your existing swim programs.
  • Streamlined Teacher/Coach administration tools.
  • A full-spectrum program from babies to adults; recreational to competitive to sport options.

How do I know which I Can Swim program to register in?

If your child has taken lessons with another swim program, you can use the Lesson Conversion Chart to place your child into the appropriate stage. Teachers/Coaches will also assess children’s skill levels on the first day of lessons to determine the best class for your child.

Will my children learn water safety?

All I Can Swim programs include water safety. H2O Aware skills and messages are taught through activities that equip swimmers with the knowledge and skill ability to be proactive in realistic situations and create awareness of potential dangers associated with being in and around the water.

How do I apply for the Child Fitness Tax Credit?

For more information on the children’s fitness tax credit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website: www.cra-arc.gc.ca/fitness

There is also a video produced by the Canada Revenue Agency that explains the Children's Fitness Tax Credit. You can watch it online: Tax Savings Working For You