This progressive 3-Stage program teaches swimmers 54 important swimming skills, and focuses on seven major skill progressions: butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, water safety, entries and turns. Swimmers learn to put together whole skill-sets, one step at a time.

Stage 1: Orientation to Water

Establishes a sound basis for the future acquisition of swimming skills. Children develop the fundamentals of swimming while learning to be comfortable and relaxed in the water.

  • Entry and immersion
  • Buoyancy and floatation
  • Submersion and breath control
  • Safe movement in the water
  • Propulsion through the water

Stage 2: Skill Development

Focuses on basic movements and orientation ability needed for swimming skills like arm action, sculling and breathing.

  • Streamlining - propulsion
  • Basic Strokes – freestyle, backstroke, introduction to breaststroke, basic dolphin movement
  • Specific skills – submersion, underwater push-offs, treading water, introduction to diving skills

Stage 3: Skill Improvement

Focuses on improving reaction/rhythm and increasing endurance for all four strokes. Advanced dives and basic starts and turns are also covered. When swimmers complete Stage 3, they have learned to swim well.

  • Major focus - breathing and stroke timing
  • Stroke Improvement – free, back, breast, fly
  • Introduction to turn skills
  • Advanced diving skills
  • Building endurance

H20 Aware Education

Water safety skills and messages are taught and learned through water-based activities in a fun, positive, controlled environment. These learned skills equip swimmers with the knowledge and ability to be safe and proactive in realistic situations and create awareness of potential dangers associated with being in and around the water.

Water sport safety teaches swimmers how to have fun and be safe when playing a variety of aquatic sports.

  • When & where to go near water
  • Boating Safety
  • Ice & Cold Survival
  • Open water safety
  • Pool safety
  • Diving safety
  • Water Sport safety
  • Water Rescue