Ducklings swim program


3 months - 1 Year Olds with a parent

This parent-and-baby class introduces babies to the water. The primary goal is to ensure that parents are educated in water safety, appropriate holds and that both children and parents are safe, relaxed and having fun!

Dinos Swim Program


1 - 3 Year Olds with a parent

Dinos is a participation-based program and is a great introduction to water, or a continuation from Ducklings. Parents and toddlers learn to relax and enjoy the water together while developing basic skills through activities, songs and games.


3 - 5 Year Olds

The Dolphins levels are preparatory programs prior to entering Stage 1 Advanced or Beginner Stage 2. Participants get a head start on the four main strokes in the Dolphins levels; Freestyle, Back Crawl, Breast Stroke and Butterfly.


6 Year Olds & Up

This progressive three stage program teaches swimmers 54 important swimming skills, and focuses on seven major skill progressions: butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, water safety, entries and turns. Swimmers learn to put together whole skill-sets, one step at a time.

Sport Modules

16 Year Olds & Up

At a point when many kids drop out of aquatic activities, the Stage 4 Sport Modules provide five dynamic ways to keep kids swimming and active. Swimmers can choose from six exciting aquatic experiences. Of particular interest to pre-teens, teens and accomplished swimmers, Sport Modules let swimmers explore a variety of aquatic sports without having to join a competitive team.

Aquatics for Life

16 Year Olds & Up, Adults

Not sure which swimming lessons you need?

Swim Coaches assess skill levels on the first day of lessons to determine the best class for the swimmer. If the swimmer has taken lessons with another swim program, you can use the Lesson Conversion Chart to find the appropriate stage.