Ashley Benko

We have been running the I Can Swim program with our club for 15 years. We have nothing but positive things to say about the program. When our swimmers enter our speed swim program they have a strong base set of skills and in turn become faster swimmers.

Our I Can Swim program has served as an amazing feeder program for our swim club, we have doubled our membership in the last five years and the majority of these swimmers have gone through the I Can Swim program. Swimmers feel success early on and develop a love for the water.

Ashley BenkoHead Coach, Yorkton Storm Swim Club
Veronica Stickwood

We can comment that this is our second year with I can swim. Both of our daughters have had a good experience and we feel that is a great program to get the kids comfortable in water, improve their technique and prepare them to move forward to their next level.

Our older daughter is now in the speed swim club because her skills have improved from being part of the I Can Swim program.

Veronica StickwoodYorkton Storm Swim Club
Derwin Kitch

Every week, our two children eagerly look forward to the I Can Swim program. The program has helped our daughter increase her skills, endurance, and confidence.

Our son, once a reluctant swimmer, now jumps right in to the pool and climbs out smiling. We highly recommend I Can Swim.

Derwin KitchYorkton Storm Swim Club
Yarmouth Y Whitecaps

The Yarmouth Y Whitecaps swim team coaches proudly join the I Can Swim swimmers, who love their fun-filled, skill oriented program taught by the older swimmers and their coach.

Yarmouth Y Whitecaps
Melanie MacKay

We have run I Can Swim at Oakville Aquatic Club for almost 10 years and have found we have wait lists most of the year as it is so popular. We find the ICS stages program gives us the flexibility to teach skills to swimmers whenever the individual learner is ready. The skills are based on the main components of good swimming technique and are developed in natural progressions.

Melanie MacKay Head Novice coach and ICS coordinator for OAK
Valerie Gibson

What we love most about the I Can Swim program is that each child can move at their own pace while still feeling good about themselves. The leaner-centered approach makes every child feel special and appreciated. This approach is great because it allows each child to thrive and focus on their progress. It is important that children understand how much they have learnt and improved rather than focus on a pass or fail outcome. The I Can Swim program does a great job of helping children recognize their progress through the Poster charts and through the constant feedback from their instructors.

Valerie GibsonSection Manager of Aquatic Programs, Parks and Recreation, City of Côte Saint-Luc